Frequently asked questions.


When is Theia Interactive available for support?

We are available Monday - Friday from 9AM - 5PM PST.

How can I contact Theia support?

We can be contacted through our support ticketing system.

Do you sell my information?

Absolutely not!


What version of Python does OPTIM use?

We use the Python version that Unreal Engine uses, Python 2.7. Support for Python 3 will be immediately available once Unreal Engine supports it.

What built-in Unreal Engine plugins does OPTIM use?


  • Python Editor Script Plugin

  • Editor Scripting Utilities


  • Datasmith Importer

  • Datasmith C4D Importer

  • Datasmith CAD Importer

  • Datasmith glTF Importer


  • Niagara

  • Steam Online Subsystem

  • Steam VR

  • Oculus VR


What file types does the Importer support?

Information regarding this can be found here ---

Do my files leave my computer?

No! All of your files are processed locally on your machine.


Why am I getting errors while I'm packaging?

Make sure you have the OPTIMTemplate plugin enabled.

Why is my window extremely large when I run a packaged exe using the Template?

This is a base Unreal Engine 4.23 issue with the Vive Pro. Upgrading to Unreal Engine 4.24 or above will resolve this issue.

Why can I not hear anyone / Why can't anyone hear me?

Please check your default speaker and microphone settings on your machine.