OPTIM 1.2 Release Notes

Release notes for OPTIM 1.2.

What's New

With the release of OPTIM 1.2, we further focused on improving the overall Unreal Engine development workflow.

The Toolkit has seen a massive improvement, both visually and functionally. We have introduced powerful selection capabilities, improved our Smart Preset optimizations, implemented clustered merging, and much more. With these additions, the development workflow will be greatly sped up.

We are also introducing another new aspect, the OPTIM Multi-User Collaborative Template. This template provides many in-session tools for users to easily collaborate and explore projects. Object selection, drawing, virtual camera rendering, and more are provided out of the box. Sessions can be hosted via local Network or via Steam.

Lastly, we have updated OPTIM to work with Unreal Engine 4.25!


The Toolkit has been massively overhauled with a new user interface, new and improved functionality, and has become the central interface for OPTIM.

New: Selection Sets

The new Selection Sets enables you to save time selection what you exactly need

Powerful selection sets have been added to the Toolkit. With these, advanced selection capabilities such as selecting actors by the radius around a location, by volume, and more.

  • Select By Actor Name

  • Select By Actor Bounds

  • Select By Static Mesh Size

  • Select By Material Name

  • Select By Location / Radius

  • Select By Level Of Detail Count

  • Select By Vertices Count

  • Select By Volume

New: Clustered Merging

Large scenes can now be quickly and easily optimized with the Clustered Merge option. This option merges Static Mesh Actors together based on clustered radius, or by quadrants.

Updated: Smart Presets

The smart presets for Level of Detail, Lightmap Resolution, and Decimation have been enhanced to provide more ideal results for smaller assets.

Updated: Light Build Scheduling

The Light Build Scheduler has been updated to accept designated AM, PM, and 24H time specifications.


  • Lightmap Resolution now has override support

Multi-User Collaborative Template

The Multi-User Collaborative Template has been introduced to provide an extremely easy way to implement collaborative design review, meetings, walkthroughs, and many other types of sessions. This template has been created for both VR and Desktop use.

Add the Multi-User Collaborative Template to your project by doing the following:

  • Open the OPTIM Toolkit

  • Navigate to the Template Tab

  • Click Download & Install Template

New: Online Session

Your and your peers can collectively connect and collaborate within Unreal Engine packaged projects from anywhere in the world!

The Steam Client is required for this feature.

New: Local Network Session

Connect and collaborate within Unreal Engine packaged projects from your local network, or by VPN.

New: Solo Session

Quickly dive into a Packaged Unreal Engine Project in a solo session. Utilize the Templates tools to explore and review your projects.


Talk with your peers during a local or online session. With directional voice attenuation, your conversations will sound natural!

New: Pen & Whiteboard Tools

With the Pen & Whiteboard Tools, you and your peers will be able to draw quick illustrations, comments, notes, or pretty much anything.

New: Camera Tool

The Camera Tool allows you to spawn a camera and use it to capture cinematic renders, points of interest, or even selfies. All images captured will be saved for use outside of the project session

View and manage all of the renders you have taken with the Camera Tool.

New: Laser Pointer Tool

Establishing what you are talking about within a project is paramount in a collaborative session. The Laser Pointer Tool allows you to point to, select, and highlight one or many objects.

New: Level Template - Conference & Review Room

Along with providing the Multi-User Collaborative Template, we are also providing pre-setup levels. The first one that's being made available is the Conference & Review Room. This room has been designed to be effective for holding design review meetings with your colleagues and clients.


Multiple speed and stability improvements have been implemented.

New: Export Element List as .csv

While the Element List is amazing at previewing all of the data contained within your file, it's even better when can export that data to show your peers! With this release, you can export the selected Element List category as a .csv.


  • Unreal Engine 4.25 support added

  • glTF file support added


  • Instancing now uses both the bound box center and the pivot location as a cross check

  • Loading rules is now much faster

  • Duplicate checker is more accurate

  • Improved support for SolidWork files in Unreal Engine 4.23



  • Selecting and saving multiple rules now save correctly

  • Loading and editing rules now work as intended

  • Draw call statistics now reflect material slots

  • Draw call statistics now update more often

Element List

  • In/Out of Rule information display now updates correctly

Geometry Rules

  • Fixed a bug where clicking a button fast during Smart Rule generation induced a crash




  • Crash Fix: Login now doesn't freeze under certain circumstances

  • Bug Fix: Login now isn't rarely bypassed when not logged in

  • Bug Fix: Email and password headers now have correct color on high contrast themes

  • Bug Fix: Password now properly clears upon logout

  • Bug Fix: Confirm Overridden Materials now works as intended

  • Bug Fix: Selection Volumes are now not selected when using the Select By Selection Volume option.

  • Update: Documentation URLs now link toward our new documentation website



  • New: A new Destroy Overlapping Meshes option has been added to the Optimization tab

  • Update: The Spawn New Volume button now has an accent color

  • Update: The Preview Cluster button now has an accent color

  • Update: The Subscription Card now correctly changes with the theme

  • Update: The Learn Card is now the Documentation Card

  • Update: The Documentation Card now redirects to our brand new documentation website

  • Bug Fix: Clean Empty Actors now will properly only ever clean empty actors


  • Bug Fix: Vive gripping now works as intended in Unreal Engine 4.24 & 4.25

  • Bug Fix: Vive teleporting now works as intended in Unreal Engine 4.24 & 4.25

  • Update: SteamVR Bindings are now applied upon Template installation


  • Bug Fix: Material Rule application will now not fail the import process if a Static Mesh is found to be invalid



  • Update: Lightmap resolution will now have a maximum of 4096

  • Update: Lightmap resolution now takes into account actor size

  • Update: Template installation and re-installation is now an external process and requests for an Editor restart.

    • Dev Note: This change was made to make sure none of the Template files needing to be replaced during a re-install were open.

  • Bug Fix: The OPTIM Post Process Volume icon will now not rely on the Template content

  • Bug Fix: The OPTIM Post Process Volume will now highlight correctly without the Template being installed

  • Bug Fix: The current selection will not be lost when spawning an OPTIM Post Process Volume

  • Bug Fix: Jacket and Defeaturing defaults have been updated to provide more stability