OPTIM 1.1 Release Notes

OPTIM 1.1.0 continues its foray into improving Unreal Engine workflows with the new OPTIM Core, OPTIM In-Editor Toolkit, smart presets, tools, and continued improvements to the OPTIM Importer.



The OPTIM Core contains all of the features and Unreal Engine improvements found within OPTIM. This is used extensively in our OPTIM Importer and OPTIM In-Editor Toolkit. In addition, OPTIM Core exposes many of our functions to Python, Blueprints and Dataprep (UE 4.24).

Note: Dataprep implementation is experimental, Blueprints available only in Unreal Engine 4.24+

NEW: OPTIM In-Editor Toolkit

The OPTIM In-Editor Toolkit is a viewport overlay user interface that brings powerful in-editor functionality on top of eliminating excessive clicks. Mass assign lightmap resolutions, apply our new Smart Presets, schedule a light build, and more can be accessed within a few simple clicks.

Note: Experimental, only available in Unreal Engine 4.24+

NEW: OPTIM Launcher

We have introduced a launcher that will allow you to open the OPTIM Importer and OPTIM In-Editor Toolkit, as well as view and manage your subscription, see application updates, and quickly redirect to our OPTIM resources.

NEW: Smart Presets

Previously, we have introduced the Smart Level Of Detail option through the OPTIM Importer. We have expanded its functionality to provide a much better outcome. In addition, we have implemented two new smart presets—Mesh Decimation and Lightmap Resolution.

These smart presets will automatically calculate and apply the ideal settings to the selected mesh elements. The level of detail and mesh decimation smart presets will only apply if the given meshes exceed the bare minimum threshold.

Available via the OPTIM Importer, OPTIM In-Editor Toolkit, and through the OPTIM Core.

NEW: Light Build Scheduler

With our Light Build Scheduler, you can schedule when a light build should occur.

Available via the OPTIM In-Editor Toolkit

NEW: Clean Empty Actors

A simple option that completely finds and removes all empty actors found within the current level.

Available via the OPTIM Core and OPTIM In-Editor Toolkit

NEW: Flatten Hierarchy

Sometimes the hierarchy gets a little to out of control with many nested actors, so we’ve added a simple but destructive option to flatten the whole hierarchy.

Available via the OPTIM Core and OPTIM In-Editor Toolkit

NEW: Confirm Overridden Materials

A convenient function that pushes the overridden materials from the actor components directly to their static meshes.

Available via the OPTIM Core and OPTIM In-Editor Toolkit


Importer Speed & Stability

We have continued to improve the speed and reliability of the OPTIM importer. Additionally, filtering meshes has been improved enough to see a roughly 40x speed increase in some cases. This speedup will be noticeable on exceptionally large files.

Material and Light Rule Saving

Material and light rules can now be manually saved and loaded within their appropriate sections.


  • Login removed from OPTIM Importer

  • Import button inside of OPTIM Importer adjusted to match styling

  • Text now properly scales with display scaling

  • Many small bugs fixed




  • Implemented a new clustering algorithm for Smart Geometry Rules

  • Scrollbar thickness setting


  • Launcher now closes when Importer is launched

  • Support urls

  • Text fields are now case sensitive

  • Email auto-fills on login screen


  • Collapsed widgets not collapsing correctly

  • Rule module searching not clearing on selection

  • Search not working correctly in the Element List

  • Optim importer & toolkit opening multiple times

  • Popup errors not displaying correctly



  • Filter by material now uses material selection rather than a text field

  • Hitting the ENTER key will not apply a module filter

  • Improvements have been made to the Smart LoD, Decimation, and Lightmap Resolution presets


  • Typos in module descriptions

  • Forgot password wasn’t working as intended

  • Element list in rule/not in rule not working as intended



  • The new clustering algorithm for Smart Geometry Rules have been sped up significantly

  • Improved support for various unique Datasmith file assets


  • Implemented a fix that fixes a critical Datasmith Python issue that was introduced in Unreal Engine 4.24.3

  • CAD file loading issues

  • Rules created using the new clustering algorithm saved incorrect data

  • More typos