OPTIM 1.0 Release Notes

Optim is an extremely powerful application for visualizing, optimizing, and customizing your real-time Datasmith workflow. Save time by utilizing Smart Rules and presets to generate the ideal optimiza


File Visualization and Analysis

Optim analyzes and displays the contents of your Datasmith and CAD files in a clean, navigable, and easy to read format.

File Overview

Visualize the original contents of the analyzed file through our at-a-glance distribution, donut, and bar graphs.

Element List

Displays every single Geometry, Material, Lighting, and Camera element found within the analyzed file. Utilize the header and search capabilities to find specific elements.


Always know the status of your file as rules and configurations are added.

Warnings and Fixes

Optim continually monitors the status of the opened file. Any potential issues or warnings detected will be displayed in relevant areas such as the Notification Center. In addition, Optim provides quick and easy ways to fix any issue that arises.

Rule System

Optim features a simple but robust rule system that allows easy Geometry, Material, and Light Element optimization and customization.

Smart Rules

While currently only available for Geometry Elements, the Smart Rule Generation System allows a very quick way to optimize the Geometry found within the file. Quickly merge, instance, decimate, LOD, and much more with only a few clicks.

Specific Rules

Rules are the foundation of optimizing and customizing the contents of the opened file. These can either be generated using the Smart Rule Generation feature, or by creating them manually. Regardless on how it is created, they can be configured.

Rule Modules

Modules are the building blocks of a rule and are split between two different type — Filters and Actions. Filter modules are used to select which elements to affect. Action modules are used to optimize and customize the filtered elements.

We continuously improve and add new modules.


  • Filter By Name

  • Filter By Size

  • Filter By Location

  • Filter By Triangle Count

  • Filter By Metadata

  • Filter By Material

  • Filter By Selection

  • Tagging

  • Merge

  • Instance (Experimental)

  • Join

  • Ignore

  • Level of Detail

  • Decimation

  • Lightmap Generation

  • Jacketing

  • Defeaturing


  • Filter By Selection

  • Reassignment


  • Fix Excessive Lighting

  • Adjust Intensities

Rule Saving & Loading

Rules that have been established can be saved out and re-used. This is prefect for those that have a consistent workflow.

Import Configuration

Customize how the file is imported into Unreal Engine. Designate which Elements will be imported, how the level should be setup, and more.

File History

Files imported through Optim can be found in the File History located in the File Selection category. If Auto History is enabled, the Rules and configurations of the file will be saved upon import. In addition, opening that file from the File History will restore those Rules and configurations.

Auto History can be enabled from the Optim settings window.




  • Unreal Engine 4.24 support


  • Filter & Rule creation/loading speed

  • Improved statistics accuracy

  • Auto saving/loading now includes Materials & Lighting rules


  • Optim causing Unreal Engine to not open in rare circumstances

  • Selection filters deselecting when using search functionality

  • Material deselection crashes on very large files

  • Experimental Instancing actors not being assigned static meshes



  • Plugin dependencies causing Unreal Engine to not open in certain circumstances