What is OPTIM


OPTIM is a Unreal Engine toolkit geared towards simplifying the whole development process from import to executable.
We provide the tools necessary to quickly optimize and customize your Unreal Engine projects as well as provide seamless integration of template experiences.
The OPTIM package is comprised of three different aspects --- Importer, Toolkit, and Template.


The Importer is a geared towards streamlining the Datasmith & CAD import process while providing powerful optimization and customization modules.
    Visualize file information and see issues prior to importing.
    Optimize incoming static meshes by utilizing our Smart Rules or by creating your own Custom Rules.
    Batch reassign incoming materials to use your own Unreal Engine material library.
    Create, save, and re-use rules to streamline your own import and optimization process.

In-Editor Toolkit

The Toolkit is geared towards simplifying and improving your Unreal Engine Editor workflow.

Collaborative Template

The Collaborative Template is geared towards providing an out-of-the-box multi-user collaborative experience that can be easily added to new and existing projects.
    Powerful Tools such as 2D drawing, 3D markup, camera rendering, and more.

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